Routing Number
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Routing Number

Panhandle State Bank, Intermountain Community Bank and Magic Valley Bank share 123103606 as a routing number.

What is a routing number?

A routing number is a a nine digit bank code assigned by The American Bankers Association (ABA) that identifies the financial institution on which a payment was drawn. The routing number can be found on the bottom of checks.

A routing number may also be referred to as the following:

  • Routing transit number (RTN)
  • Bank routing number
  • Check routing number
  • ABA routing number

What are all the numbers on the bottom of checks?

Check Sample

There are three sets of numbers separated by space on the bottom of checks.

  • The routing number is the left-most set of numbers, enclosed between the Routing Number Symbol characters.
  • The checking account number is the middle set of numbers, directly to the left of the Checking Account Number Symbol character.
  • The right-most set of numbers, which are generally 4 digits and may be preceded by 0s, is the check number. The check number also appears in the upper-right corner of the check.