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Peak Media

7/1/2011 12:00 AM

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Peak Media

Local Talent in International Demand

Peak Media is well named: you’ll find the professionals in this production company in helicopters chasing fires, immortalizing skiers, and capturing just about any "peak" story you can think of. "This isn’t just a business, it’s a lifestyle," says Jim Bolser who co-owns the company with Robin Briley. "It suits us perfectly, combining our experience, our fast-pace and our love of adventure."

The partners of Peak Video spend plenty of time with their feet on the ground as well. The company offers turn-key and collaborative services for video and web media, including project design, writing, direction, film and sound production, editing and deployment. For every hour spent in the field, multiple hours are logged at the studio and with clients to create evocative stories that get results.

Robin says that the company is exactly where it needs to be to suit her wide-ranging interests. She first became engaged in the world of broadcast media through her father, Bob Briley, a well-known local network journalist. Her career has included time in television news, programming, direction and editing and her work has been recognized with regional and national awards.

"This doesn’t feel like work to us," says Robin. "It’s what we want to do more than anything else."

Jim agrees. "When you love what you do, every obstacle is another chance to have fun. " His job description is a dream for any "extreme" enthusiast, as he takes his super-high definition, state-of-the-art cameras into ever-changing worlds.The team has filmed delicate surgical operations, world-class skiing, wildlife adventures, and behind the scenes documentaries as well as hundreds of commercial and industrial projects.They are under contract to Ironman America,traveling from Maine to Hawaii to capture and produce race videos. Their experience and capabilities have earned them ongoing work with national network, cable and syndicated productions, including Oprah!, America’s Most Wanted, Animal Planet, Discovery, The Travel Channel, Dr. Phil, and every major news station.

Peak customers call from around the globe, and the partners are happy to jump on a plane to catch the action. They are also excited about promoting businesses and activities in the Inland Northwest.

"We love what we do, we work hard, we find ways over, around and through any obstacles and we know how to make it fun. That’s the kind of attitude it takes to be successful in our fast-paced business," says Jim.

"The staff at ICB brings that same kind of enthusiasm to everything they do. Their solid, trustworthy banking style gives us confidence, and their can-do attitude, flexibility and Northwestern focus make us feel right at home."

Peak Media specializes in news, sports, commercials, corporate, industrial, training, recruitment, and marketing videos. They can be reached at, (509) 535-1212.

Photo: YoungSue Roper (ICB); Jim Bolser (Peak Media); Robin Briley (Peak Media)