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Kellogg Pet Medical Center

10/1/2010 4:00 PM

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Kellogg Pet Medical Center

Kellogg Pet Medical Center

We’ve built our lives around caring for others – pets and people – in our community. It’s not always easy in a small town, but in good times and bad, we all come together to support each other. Being a part of that is important to us, and it’s why we chose to develop our practice and raise our family here.

Panhandle State Bank is a great friend and supporter, always working hard to make the Silver Valley a better place whether it’s rallying to save sports programs or helping small businesses succeed.

PSB has always been there for us. We trust our bank, and we trust our bankers because they take our success as personally as we do.

Andrew Broaddus, D.V.M.
Stephanie Broaddus, Business Manager

The Kellogg Pet Medical Center is located at 304 E. Cameron Avenue in Kellogg. (208) 784-1381