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Caller ID Spoofing Scam

7/17/2012 11:50 AM

Category: Alerts and Scams

The Fraudsters are at it again. Here's another twist on attempts to gather information.

Customer receives a call with an automated message appearing to be from a legitimate phone number directing them to claim a prize they've won by accessing a specific website. Presumably if they enter the website they will be asked to enter additional personal information.

"It plays a recorded message about an I-pad or gift card I entered to win online and directs me, by phone, to go to a computer, log on and proceed to a website."

So, you must ask yourself, "Did I enter to win an I-Pad or a gift card?" If the answer is no, then you can safely assume this is a phishing attempt and DO NOT respond. If the answer is yes, access the site where you entered and not the site you are directed to by the automated phone message.

Below is a link to an article that describes how the fraudsters are using this type of scam.

"Spoofed Numbers: Caution, 578-121-8324 is a "spoofed" number, which means that whoever called you "tricked" your caller ID to display an incorrect phone number. Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain, but they failed... you can still file a complaint here to fight back against unethical telemarketers."

If you believe you have fallen prey to a phishing scam or have been the victim of ID Theft, please contact your local branch. Our employees can instruct you on actions you can take to help protect your information, accounts and identity.