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West Side Chopping

12/1/2010 12:00 AM

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West Side Chopping

“We’ve been farming for 41 years. Being ready to change lets us keep doing what we love.

“From corn to sugar beets, harvesting for neighboring farms and chopping hay for dairy operations, our family has been taking advantage of opportunities that keep us farming, and supporting the farming community.”

Gerald Andrews and his nephew-in-law Wayne Chandler have been working together one way and another for decades, “Finding more ways to make farming pay is a big part of our job,” says Gerald. “That usually means making investments in equipment that keep us competitive.”

“It’s difficult to do that gradually,” Wayne says. “We calculate the risks and the benefits, and take our plan to our banker.”

“The key to a successful farming operation is to have a banker who really understands farming” says Wayne. “If you just sit in your office, all you ever see is figures. Our banker comes out to our place, walks around, talks things over with us. That hands-on approach to the front lines is what sets MVB apart.

“It takes a bank that’s willing to stay with you even when it doesn’t look too rosy. We stick with our customers during bad times as well as good ones, and we need to know our bank feels the same way.

“Sometimes things happen, like a tractor blowing up when you don’t expect. We can’t wait around to replace it, we need quick action from a bank that knows us and is ready to get things done on our timeline.

“We’ve just been real happy with MVB. They take care of us.

Now the next generation is stepping up. “We wanted to involve our boys,” says Wayne. “We are doing what it takes to keep farming in the family.”

Both Gerald and Wayne have sons who are active in the family business, and now a nephew has joined them. “This is a great way to live,” says Wayne. “I’ve had freedom to make my own choices all my working life.”

Gerald agrees. “It’s hard work, and it’s good work. I wouldn’t have wanted any other life.”