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Signal Point Marketing

10/15/2010 1:00 AM

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Signal Point Marketing

The Tasmanian Devil of Design - Tom Latham

When it comes to energy, the team at Signal Point Marketing+Design seems to have tapped into the mother lode. The office vibrates with it as the creative spark leaps from one designer to another, engaging everyone within earshot. At the epicenter is owner and principal Tom Latham, who opened his agency doors in 1997. He moves fast, talks fast, and translates ideas to images as if by magic. That energy has been channeled into productive creativity and a bustling agency thanks to his hard work and vision.

"We started with just one person - me - and a home office on Signal Point Mountain," Tom says. Thirteen years and several thousand projects later, Signal Point Marketing+Design has become an established leader in the North Idaho market, with plenty of awards to attest to their expertise and hundreds of clients to enthusiastically recommend their services.

The company specializes in every aspect of visual marketing, including brand strategies, product packaging, print and web advertising, and every other component of building a coherent and successful business identity. Their concepts and execution are grounded on thoughtful research, strategic planning and an insistence on sound marketing practices -- but they fly on an unquenchable creative spark.

"One of the things that really set us apart is our direct access to every client," says Tom. "At Signal Point, you work directly with our artists. In fact, you can sit right down and watch your whole campaign come to life as we work through ideas together. Or, we’ll pack up our computers and come to you. There are no barriers to creativity here."

"Our fun personality and energetic office environment make us a popular stop for clients who need a break from the monotony of office life. Because of this, our clients have become some of our closest and most trusted friends."

The Signal Point staff bring that attitude to every project, and it’s just what makes Panhandle State Bank the perfect match for this nimble and busy shop. "Panhandle State Bank is our business partner as well as our bank, helping us stay financially ready to step out with the next imaginative solution."

"The people in this bank are some of our closest colleagues and friends. They bring a sense of joy to their work, and it shows. That’s what makes us feel at home."

Tom says that he sees a clear distinction between Panhandle State Bank and other financial institutions. "In good times and challenging ones, we trust PSB to be safe, strong and flexible, which gives us the underlying stability to be comfortable on the creative edge."

Signal Point Marketing+Design can be reached at,

444 N. Bay Street
Post Falls, Idaho, USA
208 :: 777-8942