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Settling Inn

2/1/2011 12:00 AM

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Settling Inn

Settling Inn

Dave and Jill Jurgensen know it’s a jungle out there. As a construction professional, Dave followed opportunities to Venezuela for five years, then other sites, overcoming some daunting challenges to get the job done right. It was an exciting lifestyle for a young family, but when they came home the Jurgensens couldn’t wait to settle into a place of their own for good.

“We looked around the Northwest,” Jill says, “and we just fell in love with North Idaho, and Bonners Ferry. It’s the place, and it’s the people. We were at home right away, and we’ve never regretted our choice.”

They purchased a beautiful hotel at the north end of town, with a charming log lodge atmosphere, and made it both business and home. The Log Inn delights guests with sleigh rides, hiking, cross country skiing, and very close proximity to wonderful golf, downhill skiing, great shooting and easy access to the nearby casino. The Inn is also a gathering place for three generations of Jurgensens, who take pride in their strong family heritage and small town ties.

“Quality of life has always been the most important thing to us,” says Dave. “We’re fortunate to be part of a really good town with people who want to see us continue to succeed.”

He says that’s why they’re customers at Panhandle State Bank. “Our bankers are our friends and our neighbors. They’re here for us in the best of times -- and when things get a little tougher.”

“PSB has all the technology bells and whistles anyone could want, but when it comes right down to it, this is face-to-face, personal banking. And that’s how we like it.”

Dave and Jill Jurgensen
(208) 267-3986