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Remote Deposit Capture


Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks from the convenience of your office, saving you time and ensuring your deposits are balanced. Our relationship services officers will assist in installing an image capture device to electronically transmit item images to the bank. Take advantage of this time and cost-saving technology today! Click here to read more about Remote Deposit Capture.

Check Collect


Let us take on the hassle of dealing with returned checks for you. Check Collect is a free service offered to all our business customers. We send your returned checks to our processor to be collected electronically, thereby increasing collection rates. You have the ability to monitor items and pull them from the collection stream at any time. Contact your local branch now to take advantage of this complimentary and valuable service!

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

Paying your business taxes electronically is simple and secure with EFTPS. Let us help you get enrolled in this service which then allows you to initiate your federal tax payments in two ways:

  • Utilize the EFTPS website or phone system authorizing the appropriate government authority to initiate an electronic debit to your business account. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® tax payment service is provided free by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. After you've enrolled and received your credentials, you can pay any tax due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) using this system.
  • Utilize the bank's secure internet cash management system to send electronic credits to the Federal government pay any type of federal taxes.

Credit Card Access


Access information about your Panhandle State Bank, Intermountain Community Bank or Magic Valley Bank credit card.