Positive Pay
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Protection that works

Solutions to Manage your Money

Protect your business from losses and check fraud with Positive Pay service. Quickly identify, review and act upon suspicious or unauthorized checks presented for payment. Positive pay easily integrates with the PsBill network so you can offer recurring billing options to your clients.


  • Significantly reduce loss from check fraud
  • Your checks are paid automatically only if they match a check issued on file at PSB, ICB, or MVB
  • Improved cash flow
  • You will be notified in the morning of each business day of the total of checks paid and you may even view the images online. This enables you to capitalize on short-term investment opportunities.
  • Greater accuracy and timeliness
  • Quick detection of any inaccuracies in payment detail is assured by submission of daily check issuance information

How It Works

Positive Pay customers provide PSB, ICB, or MVB with a daily file in a specified format detailing all checks they have issued. This file is imported into the bank's system for comparison to checks being presented for payment against a customer's account. If an unauthorized payment is presented, you have ample time to review all exception items before making the final "pay" or "return" decisions.